Conservation Materials

We only use the best so your framing will last a lifetime!

Conservation framing techniques & materials ensure that your treasured artwork, photograph, or heirloom can be displayed safely for generations. Due to environmental issues like humidity, light, temperature and time, your artwork can begin to fade, warp or deteriorate if not framed properly. Our framers are trained in the preservation practices that protect your project. The designers at FCF take the time to educate our clients on the proper materials and the framing process. Your art is safe in the hands of Fourth Corner Frames! Stop by for a free consultation to learn more about conservation framing.



Matting isn’t just for decoration – it offers strength and support in addition to providing sufficient air space between the glazing and the artwork. All of our matting is acid-free to protect your artwork from discoloration. Matting is available in a wide variety of colors, as well as fabric and textured finishes. We also offer 100% rag mats for museum-quality displays.

Mounting & Hinging

Proper acid-free hinging & mounting materials are a necessity in conservation framing. We want to make sure your artwork is mounted in such a way that it is completely reversible, will safely support the artwork, and will not cause damage over time. We know how to use a variety of hinging methods and mounting corners for these purposes.


Sealing the back of the frame package provides protection from dust, moisture, atmospheric pollution and varying climatic changes. Acid-free backing board provides additional strength and rigidity. Mouldings can be sealed off with neutral tapes to prevent the development of acids in the future.


One of the most important aspects of your conservation framing package is the glazing. Both glass and acrylic are now available with UV filtering to protect your print or photograph from dangerous ultraviolet light rays. These are also available in many non-reflective finishes for the best clarity. We’re proud to offer the highest quality conservation glazing products available from Tru Vue, Inc.


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Jen Gramm, Tru Vue’s director of marketing wrote:

“Custom framing just got some much deserved attention on the nationally broadcasted show, Designing Spaces, which aired on the Lifetime Network®.  During the episode, industry expert, Meg Glasgow, discussed custom framing and a component that’s often overlooked – the glass, specifically Tru Vue® Museum Glass®.”

To see the video for yourself here is the link to the  video.