Frank moved to the San Francisco Bay area at the age of 16 during the Great Depression and began his lifelong career as an artist painting the North tower of the Golden Gate Bridge while it was under construction. His only formal training came at the age of forty at the California School of Fine Arts where he studied for a year. He moved to La Connor, Washington in the 1970’s where he opened a studio. He sometimes displayed art for sale clothes pinned on the fence outside! Frank also enjoyed photography and studied at Monterey College under Roger Fremier. He moved from La Conner back to Carmel, California and the Monterey Peninsula in 1980, continuing his career in art until his death in 1997. Frank’s distinctive style of quick, spontaneous brushstrokes depicting the life and landscapes around him grace many collections from the US to Japan.

Here are a few of the many pieces we have in our inventory. Frank was a very prolific artist, so if you would like to see more of his work, call for an appointment so we can make sure to have the work available for a private viewing.