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Dear Parents of budding artists,

During the month of May, Fourth Corner Frames will be participating in the annual Downtown Bellingham’s Children’s Art Walk with a show called “From Refrigerator to Wall”. The gallery will be showcasing children’s original artwork that has been custom framed at our gallery. Your child’s framed art will be displayed in our gallery show for the entire month of May 2017 to be enjoyed by family, friends, and visitors to FCF. Each artist will receive a certificate of participation, with their name that can be attached to the back of the framed artwork. The first 30 show participants will receive a 30% discount off one complete “kid’s art” custom frame. Art must be submitted before April 10th to be included in the show.

Entry forms are available in the gallery. We are located at 311 W Holly St, in the Old Town District in Bellingham. The gallery is open Monday – Saturday 10am – 5:30pm. You can also print your own entry form, fill it out and bring with you when your bring in your child’s art to be framed.