Yvonne Davis, CAPE CAUTION

Yvonne Davis, CAPE CAUTION
hand colored etching

A non-traditional approach to an old art tradition is what makes the limited edition etchings by Yvonne Davis so distinctive.

“When you become a printmaker, you are touching the past.” says Davis. “I enjoy feeling close to the history of art. It is a technique developed years and years ago and is still being executed in the same basic manner. The first dated etching goes back to 1513, and it is a medium that was used by great masters.”

Yvonne Davis’ images are achieved through a combination of fine intaglio techniques and masterful hand coloring.

At Davis’ own atelier, Crossroads Studio, each original print is executed on the very finest all-rag etching paper. Great care must be taken at each stage of the tedious process to produce a high quality work of art. One the etching is pulled and dried, the hand coloring of each individual print begins. Yvonne primarily uses inks and watercolors, sometimes colored pencils, to achieve her elegant results.

Yvonne was raised in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, which she again calls her home. In her twenties, life led her to distant lands and extended residencies in both Taiwan and Germany. She views her talent an inherent gift, and it was during this period that the seeds of creativity took root.

Her many achievements may be reflected in the numerous one woman shows to her credit and the popularity of her work with collectors throughout the world.