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Find us at our new location 301 W Holly St, Suite D3 in the Bay Street Village!
We moved because of ... this little issue with our old building...

Damage to the building, April 3rd 2022


At some point during the windstorm on April 3rd, 2022, the back wall of our 'vintage' Fourth Corner Frames building, at 311 West Holly St., sheared off and dropped into the ravine!  (see photos) No one was in the building at the time, and all customer items and art are undamaged and safely stored.

We are so grateful for the crew of RAM construction who immediately came over from their jobsite across the street, to help us move everything out of the building, working all day on Monday!  We are also humbled by the support of friends, customers, neighbors, local merchants and several firemen from our local Bellingham fire department, who have helped us in various capacities, to move or store all of the equipment, supplies, and materials into a new temporary location just up the block into the

Bay Street Village at 301 W Holly St, Suite D3 on the lower level.

Thank you for the much needed help and support from our great community!

Due to the extreme storm damage that occurred, we have had to close the old building to any further business activity until plans are made and repairs can be completed. We are now catching up on production and completion of existing orders, and are ready to take in new orders. Our sample selection will be limited until late May - feel free to call for more info or a quote! We will keep you updated on our Facebook page and website. Until then…completed works can be picked up at the ‘D-3’ location (see map below or call us for directions).  For works in progress, we will be finishing these orders asap and notifying our clients as they are completed.

Contact us through email and phone 360.734.1340.

Hours & Location

10am to 5:30pm 
Monday through Saturday

301 West Holly St
Suite D-3

Bellingham, WA 98225


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